Do you remember, that in one of the first lectures , we told you about the binary search algorithm?

This is one of the classic algorithms. You can find its JavaScript implementation on the Internet in about 5 seconds. It might take you another 10 seconds to check the functionality of your code and send the task for verification. But this is the road to nowhere.

Solving tough problems on your own, you improve your skills. Maybe some problems will take a full day to crack. With the other ones, you might struggle for weeks. But the skills you learn in the process will stay with you for life.

Copying someone else’s code, you may get a moment’s pleasure from the “green checkmarks”, but they will not bring you any benefit. You can tell yourself as much as you like that you “would have figured it out anyway”, or “analyzed the code in detail and understood it well”, but this is all self-deception.

You can think of your brain as a muscle and CoderslangJS as a gym.

You can ask for advice if you feel you don’t understand how to do a certain exercise. The gym is full of people that are ready to help. Or you might want to sit back, relax for a while and just chit-chat with someone about life.

But asking someone to lift the barbell for you? This is nonsense. Exactly the same nonsense as copying someone else’s code and rejoicing at the “solved” task.