To become a programmer, you need to code. And not on your smartphone or browser, but in a professional Interactive Development Environment (IDE).

One of the best features of CoderslangJS - is practical tasks with automatic verification.

You’ll be solving your tasks directly in the Visual Studio Code. In 2022 - it’s the most popular IDE among Full Stack JS devs.

How to get tasks?

To make your learning process as efficient as possible, we’ve written the VSCode extension that you can get in the official repository.

Once you’ve installed the plugin, you can log in using your personal API key. If you’ve skipped the second lecture, you can always find the key in the Settings section above the lecture title.


Once you’ve logged in, you should choose the working directory. It will be used to store all your tasks and solutions. To download new tasks click the button “Download tasks”.

How to solve tasks?

After downloading the tasks, you’ll see new folders inside the working directory. The task itself is located in the file task.cdsl.

When you open it, you’ll see the task description and two buttons: “Run your code” and “Submit task”.


Once you’ve solved the task, ran your code, and made sure that everything works fine, you can submit the task for verification.

The task verification is automatic and takes about 10 seconds. If something’s wrong with the task description, we’ll give you hints on what you should fix to pass the test.


As soon as you fix the issue, submit the task once more. If everything goes well, all the checks will become green and the task will be marked as “DONE”.


What should I do if I can’t solve the task?

  1. Make sure that you’ve saved all the files before submission. To fix the problem once and for all, you can trigger the autosave option in “File -> Auto Save”.
  2. Read the task description and hints once more. Have you handled all the possible scenarios and corner cases?
  3. Ask your questions in our Telegram chat, Twitter or write me an email. I’d be glad to help you.

So, are you ready to start learning Full Stack JavaScript?