Learn how to make an image clickable in HTML with two easy-to-follow steps.

Step 1: Create an image

The first step is to add an image that you want to make clickable. In the HTML file, add the img element tag and then insert the location of the image into the src attribute.

Do not forget to include the alt attribute to improve the accessibility of your website.

<img src="./cat.jpg" alt="a cat staring at you" />

The second step is to add a link to an image so that it will be clickable. To do that, wrap the a element tag around the img element tag.

After that, add the link address in the href attribute of the a element tag.

<a href="https://js.coderslang.com/">
  <img src="./cat.jpg" alt="a cat staring at you" />

Wrapping up

And you are all done! That is how you make an image clickable in HTML. When you head back to the browser and click the picture, it will take you to another page.

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