Texts for paragraphs of each box:

  • First impressions on first day of launch: stable, and has all the UI parts working fine. as inner text`;
  • I like it it is very fun to play! Very good game, nice idea and good concept!;
  • This game is phenomenal! It has a very simple but addicting playthrough.;
  • Probably the best idle game ever. No hard pushed ads to make you buy stuff to advance to next level.;
  • It's very calming and addictive! I personally would recommend people play this game!;
  • From what I have played, this game seems really cool! I highly recommend this game!.

Links to avatars for each card:

  • https://i.pravatar.cc/75?u=001;
  • https://i.pravatar.cc/75?u=002;
  • https://i.pravatar.cc/75?u=003;
  • https://i.pravatar.cc/75?u=004;
  • https://i.pravatar.cc/75?u=005;
  • https://i.pravatar.cc/75?u=007.

Usernames for each card:

  • John Doe;
  • Mark Simpson;
  • Robert The First;
  • Jade Fox
  • Tameka Parker;
  • Alexandra King.

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