Next, we’re going to improve the UX by displaying the current list of producers.
We’ll implement the function updateProducerList(term, state) in functions.js

  • It should print the list of producers, each on the new line starting from line 5.
  • It should only print the producers where the count is greater than 0, plus one producer with the 0 count, to show the user what’s their next objective.
  • The output format should be like this:
    Miner: 2 | Production per second: 0.1 | Cost: 12.8
    Adventurer: 0 | Production per second: 1.0 | Cost: 100
  • Production per second and cost should be rounded to a one digit after the decimal point.

updateProducerList should be called from handleKeyPress every time there’s a need for it.
Good examples might be the transition from the initial welcome message in checkInitCompleted or a purchase of a new producer.

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