Great! The manual mode is done, so we should think about automating our mining empire.

Add a new field producers into the config constant that was exported from solution.js.
It should be an array of objects. Each element of the array producers (each producer)
should have properties id, title, cost, growthRate, baseProduction and count.
Here’s are examples of what producers might look like:
{ id: 1, title: 'Miner', cost: 10, growthRate: 1.13, baseProduction: 0.1, count: 0 }
{ id: 2, title: 'Adventurer', cost: 100, growthRate: 1.17, baseProduction: 1, count: 0 }
{ id: 3, title: 'Professional', cost: 1200, growthRate: 1.14, baseProduction: 9, count: 0 }
Each producer must have a unique ID

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