Let’s add the src/components/Input component.
This component must be returned by the View element.
The styles for this component must be an array of styles.
The first element of the array must contain the following styles: borderRadius - 4, height - 35, flex - 1,
paddingLeft - 10, backgroundColor - colors.white, shadowOpacity - 0.4, shadowRadius - 3,
shadowOffset - {width: 0, height: 1}, shadowColor - colors.black, elevation - 3, borderWidth - 0.
The second element in the array is the passed style property, which is an empty object by default.
Inside the TouchableOpacity add a TextInput element with the following styles:
flex - 1, color - colors.black, justifyContent - center, fontFamily - RobotoRegular, fontSize - 18.
Pass in TextInput the properties placeholder, onChangeText and value.

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