Let’s work on the AddingListOrWord container.
This screen will have one input field, and the entered value will need to be stored somewhere.
Use useState for this.
The AddingListOrWord container itself must return a SafeAreaView with styles:
flex - 1, backgroundColor - colors.blue1.
The first child of AddingListOrWord must be a NavigationHeader component.
The second child must be the View element. This will be the header.
Header styles: flexDirection - row, alignItems - center, marginTop: 18, paddingLeft - 12.
Inside the header there must be an IconButton component, when clicked, the goBack method should be called.
The size property of IconButton must be 23, name - cancel-circle.
The IconButton must be followed by a title made with the Text element. Its styles are:
color: colors.black, fontSize: 18, fontFamily: RobotoRegular, marginLeft: 12.
Inside the title, there must be an Add list text for a screen named ADD_LIST_SCREEN.
For a screen named ADD_WORD_SCREEN, the internal title test must be Add word.
After the title, add a screen body - a View element with a flex style of 1.
Inside it must be an input field container - a View element with styles:
marginTop - 29, paddingHorizontal - 15, flexDirection - row.
The input field container consists of two elements - the Input component and the Button component.
The value of the input field must equal the state values ​​we have already created, and it must be changed in the onChangeText property.
placeholder field must have enter list name for ADD_LIST_SCREEN and enter word name for ADD_WORD_SCREEN screens.
The autoFocus property of the input field must be true, and the styles: marginRight - 14.
The text of the Button component must be equal to Add, and the loading property is forwarded from the container properties.
If the container has a defined error property, it should be displayed inside the Text element after the screen body.
Its styles are: color - colors.red, fontFamily - RobotoBold, fontSize - 14, textAlign - center, marginTop - 33.

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