The Words container needs to be connected to the store using the connect method.
We will use both mapStateToProps and mapDispatchToProps.
mapStateToProps should only return one words property equal to the WORDS from the state.
mapDispatchToProps must be an object with properties: dispatchDeleteList and dispatchDeleteWord.
The first is equal to the deleteList method, the second is deleteWord.

The second TouchableOpacity in the Words container should show the modal.
Use the getVisibleModalData method for this.
The first argument is route.params.
The second argument should delete the passed list using the dispatchDeleteList property and then go to the LISTS_SCREEN screen.
The third argument is a method from useState.

The FlatList must have a renderItem property that returns the Word component.
Just expand the item property of the renderItem argument into the properties of the Word component.
The dispatchDeleteWord property of the Word component must be a function that calls getVisibleModalData.
The first argument is the item.word property of the renderItem argument.
The second dispatchDeleteWord from the Words properties.
The third argument is a method from useState.

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