The AddingListOrWord container must be connected to the store using the connect method.
We will use both mapStateToProps and mapDispatchToProps.
mapStateToProps must return two loading and error properties from the state.
mapDispatchToProps must return an object with three properties: dispatchAddList, dispatchFetchWord, dispatchClearError.
Their values ​​are addList, fetchWord and setError respectively.

When clicking on the Add button, the value of the input field should be cleared.
When clicking the Add button for the ADD_WORD_SCREEN screen, the dispatchFetchWord method should be called.
In this case, its first argument must be the value of the input field before clearing, with spaces removed at the edges in lower case.
Remember to pass the second and third arguments: route.params.listKey and navigation.

When you click the Add button for the ADD_LIST_SCREEN screen, call the dispatchAddList method.
In this case, its only argument should be the value of the input field before clearing, with spaces removed at the edges.

When entering text into a field, the dispatchClearError method must be called with a null argument.
That said, everything else should work as before.
Also, this method with the same value should be called when the back button is pressed (cancel icon).
After cleaning up, call the navigation.goBack() method.

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