Description of new features and bug fixes in the new version of the Coderslang app!

New features

(1) Progress streaks

We have completely redesigned the Streak modal on the application’s main screen. Now in this window, you can:

  • track your progress by day (for the last week)
  • see your longest streak
  • see how many days you need to learn to get an award

To continue the streak, you must answer at least one question every day.

(2) New login options

We’ve added new login options! Now you can login into your Coderslang account using Twitter, Facebook, Google, or Github.

(3) Push notifications and delay before starting the game

Before the start of the game, all players will receive a push notification reminder. Never miss the start of the game again! We’ve also added a 1-minute delay before the beginning of the game, so you have a bit of extra time to prepare.

(4) Upgraded News feed

From today we show three types of messages on the news screen:

  • Friends activity
  • News from our Twitter account
  • General Coderslang news

We will notify you if you have unread messages by showing you the bell icon in the bottom navigation

Bug fixes & other improvements

  • Added 30 new questions each in HTML/CSS and JavaScript courses
  • Added missing translations
  • The conditions for receiving the “Gamer” award have been changed. Now, to get it, you need to create a game and play it.
  • Fixed Status Bar color on the game result screen
  • Fixed a bug when the app crashed after opening the subscription screen (in French locale)

The main goal of the Coderslang app is to strengthen your weak spots and help you prepare for the technical interview. It’s useful for beginners as well as experienced devs. We make learning fun and engaging.

You can download the app to your Android or iOS device from Google Play or App Store.

Feel free to contact us at [email protected] if you have any bug reports or improvement suggestions!