You can italicize a text using the CSS property, font-style. This property sets the texts to other styles too such as normal and oblique. The default value for the CSS property, font-style is normal for every text.

The general syntax

The general syntax of the CSS property, font-style is as follows

font-style: value;

If you need to italicize a text, you need to set the value as italic. The other keywords that this property accepts are

  • normal- Sets the text style to normal.
  • oblique- Sets the text style to oblique.
  • initial- Sets the property to its default style
  • inherit- Inherits the value of the property from the parent element.

A coding sample

Here comes a simple example, shows the CSS property, font-style in use

<!DOCTYPE html>
<html lang="en">

	<title>A Sample Web Page</title>
		.sample1 {
			font-style: italic;
		.sample2 {
			font-style: normal;
		.sample3 {
			font-style: oblique;

	<p class="sample1">Sample Semtence 1</p>
	<p class="sample2">Sample Sentence 2</p>
	<p class="sample3">Smaple Sentence 3</p>


The above example set the CSS font-style property for texts of three sentences. It changes the font style of the sentence with class sample1 to italic. For the other two sentences, the example set the property with different values.