HTML stands for HyperText Markup Language. It is a programming language for creating the structure and the contents of the website.

Every website you visit including this one which you are reading right now is built with the help of HTML. The texts, videos, images, buttons, hyperlinks, and so much more are what HTML can do.

HTML is important because it allows us to add contents to the web page, and it is one of the three main tools for creating websites. The other three tools are CSS and JavaScript.

The cool thing about HTML is despite its long name and the importance of building the website - it is surprisingly simple to learn the skill.

You can learn the basics of HTML in just a few weeks, and with another month of practice, you can expect to be proficient in it. Everyone can learn to code in HTML regardless of their age, education and work background, and prior experience in programming.

Because of this, it often acts as a gateway to the world of programming and web development in particular.

To learn more about HTML, check out this article where you will learn the basics of HTML from the beginning.

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