There are various approaches to learning JavaScript. One of the most common approaches is to start with HTML in a playground that runs in your browser.

The upside is that it’s very easy to get started, but the downside is that when you get to actually learning JavaScript you’ve lost your motivation, and you can’t move to the next level.

And after all, browser playgrounds are not where the software developers work. We all use professional tools that are run on our computers.

So I suggest a different approach.

From the very beginning, you’ll start coding in a professional IDE (and the most popular one in the JS world) - Visual Studio Code.

Then, you’re going to start learning JavaScript without any HTML distractions.

We’re going to start with the basics.

You’ll learn how to create JavaScript programs and how to run them.

Then we’ll be progressing into some fundamental concepts of JS like if statements, for loops, objects, arrays and so on.