HTML bullet points are used to create a list of items in a web page. Each bullet point is represented by a <li> tag. The list can be ordered or unordered.

An ordered list would be used if the order of the items was important, for example, a recipe. An unordered list would be used if the order wasn’t important, for example, a list of countries.

The bullet point style can be changed using CSS. For example, you could change the bullet point to a square or circle. You could also change the colour of the bullet point or make it bigger or smaller.

If you want to create a nested list, you would use a <ul> tag within a <li> tag. This would create a sub-list. For example, you could have a list of countries and then within each country, you could have a list of cities.

HTML bullet points are a simple way to create lists in a web page. They are easy to style using CSS and can be nested to create sub-lists.

An HTML bulleted list is a series of short items, terms or phrases strung together with bullets. The list items are marked with <li> (list item) tags. For example:


Will produce:

  • Coffee
  • Tea
  • Milk