Whether you’re going to become a web developer or a mobile application developer, there are many reasons to learn JavaScript over Java. Here are some key reasons.

JavaScript is more forgiving than Java

With JavaScript, you can start coding immediately without having to compile your code. This is because the JavaScript engine interprets your code on the fly. With Java, you have to compile your code before you can run it which can be time-consuming.

JavaScript is faster than Java

The JavaScript engine is faster than the Java Virtual Machine (JVM). So, if speed is important to you, then learning JavaScript may be a better choice.

JavaScript is lighter weight than Java

JavaScript code is typically much shorter and simpler than equivalent Java code. This makes it easier to learn and maintain. It also means that there’s less chance of errors creeping in.

BONUS! There are more job opportunities for JavaScript developers than Java developers

According to the 2022 Stack Overflow Developer Survey, JavaScript is the most popular programming language with 62.5% of developers using it. In comparison, only 33.8% of developers use Java. This means that there are more job opportunities for JavaScript developers than for Java developers.