On this stage, let’s fill all the remaining fields at once.
chitChat array is used to display messages in a sort of ‘news ticker’:

  • message: a message that will be pushed to the ticker when the condition is met
  • condition: an object that defines the condition when the message should start displaying in the ticker.
    The structure is almost the same as availabilityCondition in upgrades, but here instead of producers,
    we use clicks, or achievementId. Like this: condition: { clicks: 100 } or { achievementId: 2 }

Next, we’ll add currency, which is an object:

  • title: a string that holds the name of the game currency, i.e. gold
  • bigPictureURL: a string, an https link to the game currency picture in .svg format
  • smallPictureURL: a string, same as bigPictureURL, but less detailed
  • bankPictureURL: a string, an https link to the bank picture in .svg format

Fill in the currency and chitChat with relevant data and let’s finalize our backend in the next stage.
Oh, and if you haven’t already done it, pick a good title for the game.

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