Awesome! We have the config and we can access it!
Now, let’s make it functional.
The easy way would be to copy and tweak the structure from
A bit harder approach is to write everything yourself.
Whatever you choose, in the next couple of stages we’ll test if the structure of your config is correct.

Producers is an array of objects.
Each object represents an individual producer that has following fields:

  • id: a unique number which is used to identify a producer
  • title: a string that sets producers name
  • baseCost: a number, the price of the first producer of this type
  • growthRate: a number, the multiplier that increases the cost of the next producer of this type
  • baseProduction: a number, the amount of gold that producers of this type will make
  • pictureURL: a string, an https link to the producer picture in .svg format

Add at least 5 objects to the producers array, which should have all the properties listed above.

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