Good job! Now we move on to describing the upgrades.
Upgrades is an array of objects. Each upgrade improves the performance of one or more producers.
Here’s the structure of a single upgrade:

  • id: a unique number which is used to identify an upgrade
  • title: a string that sets the name of the upgrade
  • description: a string that describes the upgrade
  • multiplier: a number, is used to determine the effect of the upgrade on certain producers
  • appliesTo: a array of numbers which are the ids of the producers that will be affected by the upgrade
  • pictureURL: a string, an https link to the upgrade picture in .svg format
  • price: the amount of gold needed to purchase the upgrade
  • availabilityCondition: an object that defines the condition when you can purchase the upgrade.
    Let’s look at the examples: a simple availabilityCondition is based on currency and looks like this:
    { currency: 1000 } - this means that the upgrade will be available for purchase once the user has enough money in the bank
    Here’s a more complex one:
    { producers: [{ id: 2, quantity: 100 }, { id: 3, quantity: 100 }] }
    In this case, the upgrade will be available when the user has 100 producers where id=2 and 100 producers where id=3

Fill in the upgrades array with at least 3 elements based on the description above.

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