There are three paragraphs in the index.html file.
Let’s add color to each of them, use the internal stylesheet.

  • The text of the first paragraph should be red.
  • The text of the second paragraph must be specified using the HEX code - 808000.
  • The text of the third paragraph must be specified with rgb code - (0, 128, 128).

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<!DOCTYPE html>
    <p id="paragraph-1">
      Most programming is done with programming languages.
      A programming language is an artificially constructed language used to instruct computers.
    <p id="paragraph-2">
      At one point language-based interfaces, such as the BASIC and DOS prompts of the 1980s and 1990s, were the main method of interacting with computers.
    <p id="paragraph-3">
      Later, the have been replaced with visual interfaces.