An item with class grid-container should become a grid container.
All elements inside it should fit in three columns and four lines.
Specify both columns and lines of automatic width and height. Use repeat().

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      body {
        margin: 0;
      .grid-container {
        height: 100vh;
        width: 100vw;
      .grid-item {
        background-color: rgb(255, 198, 0);
        padding: 2vw;
        font-size: 5vw;
        font-style: italic;
        font-family: Tahoma;
    <div class="grid-container">
      <div class="grid-item">December</div>
      <div class="grid-item">January</div>
      <div class="grid-item">February</div>
      <div class="grid-item">March</div>
      <div class="grid-item">April</div>
      <div class="grid-item">May</div>
      <div class="grid-item">June</div>
      <div class="grid-item">July</div>
      <div class="grid-item">August</div>
      <div class="grid-item">September</div>
      <div class="grid-item">October</div>
      <div class="grid-item">November</div>