All text inside h1, h3, li looks too large on screens smaller than 640px.
Let’s fix it. We need to reduce the font sizes for these screens by 1.6 times.
Prerequisite - the font size must be changed using another element.
This is because the dimensions are relative.

This task is part of the Full-Stack JavaScript Course
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    <meta name="viewport" content="width=device-width, initial-scale=1, minimum-scale=1" />
      body {
          font-family: "Andale Mono", "", monospace;
          margin: 0;
          display: grid;
          place-content: center;
          height: 100vh;
          padding: 0 20px;
      ol {
          padding: 0;
          list-style: none;
      li::after {
          content: "\01F525";
          padding: 0 15px;
      h1, h3, li {
          text-align: center;
      h1 {
          font-size: 3rem;
          margin: 10px 0;
      h3 {
          font-size: 2.1rem;
          margin: 5px 0;
      li {
          font-size: 1.2rem;
    <h1>Junior Software Developers</h1>
    <h3>9 Tips</h3>
      <li>Start a side project</li>
      <li>Take notes, lots of notes</li>
      <li>Plan before you code</li>
      <li>Take an interest in security</li>
      <li>Plan your day</li>
      <li>Understand the product you're building</li>
      <li>Take an interesting in system architecture</li>
      <li>Test your code and test it well</li>
      <li>Ask for help</li>