Styles again!
The background color of the .banner-section should be #E4ECEE, the padding should be 25px 24px 0 24px.
All further .row elements must be grid containers.
Initially, all lines must have two identical columns.

The maximum width of the image inside the .banner is 100%, the maximum height is 550px.
The element .column-offset must have a left margin of 8%.
The .content element must have a top padding of 75px.
The font size of the h1 heading inside .content must be 70px and the line-height is 72px.
A paragraph inside .content has a font size of 24px and a line height of 36px.
The paragraph text color is #222F3F, and the text itself is compressed by 0.3px; indents are 25px 0px 35px 0px

When adding styles to elements without a class, remember - it’s always best to bind from to the parent’s class!

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