Let’s add the src/components/Buttons/Button component.
This component should return the TouchableOpacity element with styles:
borderRadius - 4, height - 35, width - 120, justifyContent - center,
alignItems - center, backgroundColor-colors.blue3, shadowOpacity-0.4, shadowRadius-3, shadowOffset-{width: 0, height: 1}, shadowColor-colors.blue, elevation-3, borderWidth-0. The onPressproperty of the component must be forwarded toTouchableOpacity. If the loadingproperty istrue, there must be the ActivityIndicatorinside theTouchableOpacity. For ActivityIndicator, set the sizeproperty tosmall, and colortocolors.blue. If the loadingproperty isfalse, there must be Textinside theTouchableOpacity. The Textshould display thetextproperty, with the colorcolors.blue. The TouchableOpacitymust be disabled whenloadingistrue`.

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