Let’s work on the redux methods. But first, let’s add the required constants to the src/external/redux/constants file.
API, FETCH_WORD_ENDPOINT, ADD_WORD, SET_ERROR, SET_LOADING - the value of all constants is equal to their name.
And then add the export of the getFetchWordEndpoint function to the src/external/redux/helpers file.
This function must take one argument - the word to search for.
It will return the request url, which consists of API and FETCH_WORD_ENDPOINT constants.
These two variables need to add a get parameter s equal to the function argument
Export three more functions from src/external/redux/actions: addWord, setError and setLoading.
Each must return an object with fields type and payload.
The type field is equal to the constants ADD_WORD, SET_ERROR and SET_LOADING, respectively.
For the setError and setLoading functions, payload equals the single argument of each function, respectively.
The addWord function has payload all fields of the first argument, padded with the listKey field, equal to the second argument of the function.

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