Now let’s add some starter code for the redux store.
Install the redux, react-redux and redux-thunk libraries.
In the src/external/redux/constants.js file create three constants ADD_LIST, LISTS, WORDS.
The meaning of each constant must be the same as its name.
In the src/external/redux/actions.js file, you need to create and export the action creator addList
This function must return an object with two fields: type and payload.
The type field must be the ADD_LIST and payload must be the action creator argument.
In the same file, add the addListResult method, which will be the first argument to receive the state of the application, and the second - payload from the addList action.
This method should return an updated state. Only the LISTS property should be updated.
The addListResult must add a new object with the key field equal to the second argument of addListResult.
The second field of this object must be createAt, equal to the result of calling moment.
Use this method for the reducer in the src/external/reducer/store file for the ADD_LIST case.
The default storage should have 4 properties - LISTS and WORDS - empty arrays, loading - false, error - null.
From the src/external/reducer/store file, do not forget to export by default the creation of a store with the connected middleware thunk.

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