Now let’s work on the Details component. It should return the View element.
For View, the marginVertical property must be 10.
Inside the View, first add a Text element: for the detailsKey value defs - the inner text is Definition:,
for the value examples - Example:, for the value synonyms - Synonyms:.
Text styles: fontSize - 14, color -, fontFamily - RobotoBold.
There must be a View element after the text.
For detailsKey equal to synonyms, this View must display the elements on a line with a wrap.
Within this element, display the options array. For each element, show the Option component.
Each Option component must be passed an option property equal to the current element.
Also, in each Option, you need to pass word and detailsKey properties.
The lastOption property of the Option must be true for the last item in the options array.

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