To display the data, you must first prepare.
To do this, export the preparedDetails function from the file: src/containers/Words/Word/helpers.js.

This function must receive one meanings argument.
meanings is an array of objects that describe a word.
Each object consists of the strings def, example and an array of strings synonyms.

When receiving such an array, the preparedDetails function should return an object with the following fields: defs, examples, synonyms.
defs must be an array of def field values ​​of all meanings elements.
examples must be an array of example field values ​​of all meanings elements.
synonyms must union the synonyms arrays of all meanings elements.
The values ​​for defs, examples and synonyms must be unique.

The details container in a Word component should display an array of preparedDetails fields.
This method must be called with the meanings property of the Word component.
For each key, the Details component should be rendered with the keyDetail property equal to the current key.
The options property must equal the value of this key in the object obtained from preparedDetails.
The word property must also be passed through.

In the Words container, specify the data property for the FlatList.
It must equal the filtered words property.
Only those elements should remain whose listKey property is equal to the route.param of the container.

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