Let’s add a modal window to the Words container.
First, let’s add the logic to enable it.
Let’s create its state with useState. The initial value is an object with fields:
visible with the value false, title is an empty string, handleDelete is null.
Next, add the getVisibleModalData method in the file: src/containers/Words/helpers.js.

The method must have three arguments: name, deleteHandler, setModalParams.
The last one is the method from the useState called above.
This function should call the setModalParams method and pass an object with fields to it:
-visible equal to true;
-title equal to Are you sure you want to delete "${name}"?, where name is the argument described above
-handleDelete equal to the function that first calls deleteHandler with the argument name, and then setModalParams with the initial value of useState.

The AlertModal component itself must be added after the RadialButton.
The properties visible, title, handleDeleteClick must be taken from the state object above.
The handleClose property must set the initial value of useState.

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