Let’s add the navigator component in the file src/components/Navigator/index.js.
Let’s immediately add temporary components for our future screens.
Let’s place them in the src/containers folder: Words/index.js, Lists/index.js, AddingListOrWord/index.js.
All components and containers must be named exactly the same as the folders in which they are located.
Temporarily let all three containers return null
Don’t forget to install all the libraries you need for navigation.
Add the file constants.js to the project root, from which you export the constants ADD_LIST_SCREEN, ADD_WORD_SCREEN, LISTS_SCREEN, WORDS_SCREEN.
Each constant must have a value equal to its name.
The Navigator component should return a navigation container with a single-screen stack navigator.
The header must be disabled on all screens, the initial screen must be LISTS.
The only screen should be a screen named LISTS, displaying the component src/container/Lists.

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