Let’s connect redux and navigation to our application
To do this, import the src/components/Navigator component and the Provider component from react-redux.
Now, after the fonts are loaded in the <App /> component, the navigator wrapped by the provider should be returned.
The provider needs to specify the store property, the value of which is imported from src/external/redux/store.js.
Now the Lists component needs to be connected to the store. To do this, import connect from react-redux in the src/containers/Lists.index file.
The connect method must have only one argument, the mapStateToProps function.
mapStateToProps must return an object with three fields lists, wordsCount, listsCount.
Pass the Lists component to the function returned by the connect method.
The lists field must contain the LISTS field from the repository state.
The fields wordsCount, listsCount are the length of the WORDS and LISTS arrays from the storage state.
The text element above the Lists text in the Lists component should display the listsCount property.
The text element above the Words text in the Lists component must display the wordsCount property.

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