As a beginner trying to learn JavaScript it can be difficult to get started and understand all of the different components that make up the language, but with some focus and dedication, it’s possible to become proficient in JS in no time.

In this article, I will cover the top 5 reasons why people fail to learn JavaScript and how you can avoid making these mistakes yourself.

Not having a clear understanding of the fundamentals

This is one of the most common mistakes beginners make when learning JavaScript.

Without properly understanding the basics, it can be difficult to progress in your learning journey.

To ensure you have a strong foundation, it’s important to start with tutorials and courses that cover the fundamentals of programming in JavaScript such as variables, data types, functions, loops and conditional statements.

Once you have an understanding of these concepts, you’ll be better equipped to move onto more complex topics and projects.

Lack of focus and dedication to practice and learn

Learning any new language or skill requires discipline and commitment in order to develop proficiency. It is not enough to just read books or watch tutorials – you need to apply what you learned by building projects that challenge and test your skills.

Dedicated practice time each day will help build consistency and improve your knowledge faster than sporadic studying sessions here and there.

Not writing enough code

Programming is a skills that you learn by doing. There’s just no way around it.

Books, videos and programming articles and tutorials are only helpful when you use that knowledge to create new projects or solve coding tasks.

Choose a course with hundreds of coding tasks and solve then one-by-one until you become the master of JavaScript.

Trying to learn too many topics at once

It’s easy for beginners who are eager to get started with coding in JavaScript (or any language) quickly become overwhelmed by trying too much at once without properly mastering the basics first.

It’s important for you not only to start out slow but also break down topics into smaller chunks. Don’t try learn any JS frameworks before you have a solid understanding of the core.

This way you won’t get discouraged by trying too hard too soon which can lead you away from continuing to learn JavaScript due burnout or confusion over complex topics you may not yet be ready for yet.

Not bothering to study theory before writing code in JavaScript

Documentation is an essential tool for any programmer regardless if you’re a beginner or experienced veteran. It provides information about specific functions which can save lots of time debugging issues later on down the line.

A single misplaced character can break your whole program, so make sure you know study the theory before starting to work on the coding tasks.

Bonus tip: use comments

Following best practices when coding in JavaScript such as using comments throughout your codebase will make it easier for yourself (or anyone else who reads your code) understand what’s going later on.

I hope this article has provided some useful insights into how you can better approach your learning journey with JavaScript. Remember that it takes time and dedication but with the right resources and determination, there is nothing stopping you from becoming an expert in web development using JavaScript. Good luck on your journey!